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You’re in good company. A few testimonials from our clients.

We had a great history of success from both a quality and service perspective with the Cardon tables, so we decided to give the Cardon pulley system a try.

They are versatile, they take up very little floor space, and they are economical. In a private practice with very small financial margins, being mindful on equipment purchases and square footage is extremely important. A pulley system with the proper compliment of accessories and benches can serve more patients simultaneously while utilizing a fraction of the floor space and saving thousands of dollars.

Not all pulley systems are equal. A quality pulley system will allow for a proper and consistent dosing of exercise where the load can be adjusted in small increments and be durable enough to handle a very high volume of repetitions and heavier loads. It is also important the pulley’s themselves are smooth and relatively quiet and that the adjustment mechanisms are simple.

We liked the precision and innovation of Cardon products and Cardon’s pulley system met every standard we needed from a pulley system.

Mike Severo

These amazing tables are designed to enhance proper body mechanics, minimize the energy required by the manual therapist, and enhance therapeutic outcomes of every manual therapy technique. After touring the factory, I was convinced this was one of the best-engineered hi-lo tables in our industry.

James Waslaski

Wow! I think I am in LOVE! A few months ago, I purchased a table from Cardon and it is AMAZING! My clients LOVE it. My favourite part is that I DEFINITELY have more energy at the end of the day after working with clients on this table. Goodbye flexing over a standard table, Hello ease, energy, and a happier body! Only regret is that I didn't order this table years ago!!!

Helen Hickman

We had an excellent experience purchasing our new tables from Cardon! We felt very fortunate to be able to take a tour of their facility and see exactly how and where our tables were made. We ordered 2 treatment tables that were each customized to our liking including having our company logo added to them. We have been using the tables for a few months now and the quality is bar none the best! We love treating our patients on them, and our patients comment on how comfortable they are.

Kinective Health & Performance

I purchased a treatment table and two of their stools and they are exceptional quality. From customization and amazing colour options, my pieces enhance my clinic decor and help bring my vision to life! Thank YOU guys! The best in the business!

Emma Jack

We just opened a clinic in California, and we are absolutely delighted to have two Cardon Tables to work with. The company itself has been stellar- all representatives were a pleasure to work with and customer service was top notch. The tables themselves are extremely well made and versatile. They have several features that make our jobs as clinicians so much easier.

Stephanie Barbakoff

The table is in my professional opinion the Rolls Royce of tables and surpassed my expectations. I have owned and operated an Integrative Manual and Movement Therapy Clinic in Chicago since 2005 and know this is going to make a positive impact for both the longevity of my career and the comfort of my clients.

Drew Bales Wellness

Cardon tables are the best in the business. Just picked one up for my multidisciplinary clinic and I wish the rest of my tables were Cardon. The price is pretty comparable to other manufacturers but the quality is far more superior!

Peter “Dr. Peter” Lejkowski

Hands down, Cardon Rehab sets the standard in tables for physical therapists, massage therapists, and osteopaths. They are the only table we recommend in our manual therapy courses. A first-class company, a first-class service, a first-class product. Highly recommend them!

Dr. Sean Flanagan